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About us


Ferdinand, son of Christopher Columbus, was astounded when he noticed the great respect and awe with which the natives of America treated their cocoa beans. What Ferdinand did not know is ,that cocoa beans were so expensive in those days that they were used as a means of payment. Something else he did not realise is that, for the Maya and Aztecs, those expensive beans formed the basis of the divine food xocolatl..

We do not know whether this tale about chocolate will astound you or not. What we do know for sure is that if you were to try out our "story", you would be more than pleasantly surprised.

What's more, you will also understand perfectly why our choice of logo invokes the Mayan world of gods and why the cocoa tree with which we started our story has the Latin name "Theobroma cacao". "Theobroma" is Latin for "food of the gods". And that is precisely what our pralines are: a touch of the sublime for your divine taste buds.

Herman Van Dender

Enjoy the journey of Herman Van Dender and experience his passion and perseverance in this beautiful story of success.

1957 the father Charles Van Dender starts up the bakery...Herman is a fast learner...

1988 Herman takes over the business...Educations and workouts in Antwerp, France, Switzerland and Japan gives him a lot of knowledge and experience.

“World Cup of Pastry” in Lyon, 5 medals on 2 participations as a candidate and 3 as the chairman of the Belgian candidates.

“Prosper Montagnée” 2 times finalist in best pastry, ice-cream and chocolate.

This Curriculum Vitae makes of Herman Van Dender an experienced and exceptional expert and a great taste specialist.


2014, a new dimension, another challenge, a dream coming true.

It all began with an adventurous trip to the Ivory Coast in 2013. There Herman and his wife Anne visited the cacao plantations. By March 2014 the "chocolate factory" was ready for use. Making chocolate is an art. Tha cacao beans are first roasted, then cracked and peeled and ground into a paste. After 2 years intensive testing and finalize the receipts, everything is ready to move to the new factory.

2016 " Van Dender Chocolates" is a fact, a new modern production space with a capacity until 1 ton per day.  



Big in Japan

Herman Van Dender is an icon in Japan. The pralines, crafted in Belgium, can be found at various sales outlets in a number of the large cities, including Tokyo, Osaka etc. The 14th February, St. Valentine's Day, is that special day when the wives offers chocolate pralines as a gift to their husbands. Besides pralines, pastry is also popular in the Far East. A number of Van Dender tarts are produced under a registered trademark in Japan. Herman has given various demonstrations in Japan for example he made a splendid dessert trolley for a state banquet in Tokyo.