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Customer services

My order

What now? I did make an order.

Once you placed an order, you will receive an order number and an email with confirmation of your order.

When do I receive my order?

The delivery time is depending the delivery adress. For Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg there is the rule 1+1 day, if the order passed before noon.

For the neighbour countries there is the rule 1+2 or 3 days.. For the countries situated further away in Europe there is the rule of 1+4 or 5 days.

What if I want to cancel or change my order?

For a cancellation or a change of order, you need to act fast and send us a mail to or by phone: +32(0)2 465 36 26.

Once your order is send, there is no cancelling or changing possible.

Shipment cost

Shipment cost Belgium

The shipment cost in Belgum is: >0 - 10kg = 6,95 € and >10 - 20kg = 8,95 € and >20 - 30kg = 10,95 €.

Every order above 30kg, please contact us by mail.

Shipment cost Europe

Neighboring Countries I (Netherlands, Germany, Luxemburg): >0 - 10kg = 10,00 € and >10 - 30kg = 15,00 €.

Neighboring Countries II (France,United Kingdom): >0 - 2kg = 12,00€ and >2kg - 10kg = 15,00 € and >10kg -30kg = 25,00€.

Other countries in Europe (Denmark, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden): >0 - 2kg = 20,00 € and >2 - 10kg = 30 €.

Every order above 30kg, please send a mail.

The reason, that some countries are not included in the list, are the higher costs of transport or the longer duration of transport.

If a client of a not-included country wants to put an order, he or she needs to send us a mail first.


We guarantee a delivery of your order in good condition. Our chocolates are send in hard corrugated boxes. If ever your order is dammaged, you have to refuse your order and let the delivery person take it back.

For any other remark or complaint, please let us know by mail.